The Bridges of Ho Chi Minh City

The Bridges of Ho Chi Minh City

Join us as we visit the two most (photographically) interesting bridges crossing the Saigon river.

Pont des Messageries maritimes by Gustave Eiffel
Built by Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel tower fame) in 1882 the Pont des Messageries maritimes (also known as the Pont de Khanh-Hoi) over the Arroyo Chinois (Bến Nghé Creek) to connect the ville basse or lower town with the headquarters of the Compagnie des messageries maritimes in Khánh Hội.

Thu Thiem Bridge
Close to central Saigon, this bridge offers us a stunning view of the structure itself, from several different vantage points. We visit at night, so there is plenty of opportunity to get your tripod out and grab some long exposure shots of the endless stream of traffic.

Getting Adventurous
We don’t just stay on the top of this bridge, we go UNDER it like all good intrepid photographers! This affords us an opportunity for some incredible long exposure shots of the river. If we get lucky and hit it at the right time of day, the sky can be wonderfully colourful.

A little extra….
You’ve seen it everywhere, the famous Saigon skyline, featuring all the distinctive buildings.

Saigon Skyline
While on this tour we have an opportunity to snap the skyline, again a night time long exposure gives us the ability to capture a glass like Saigon River with the city rising up in all it’s technicolour glory in the background.Tour Details:Maximum 6 people to allow everyone plenty of personal tutorial time.

We meet at the photography centre at 7pm (pickup from hotel available) and  have a short tutorial about the bridges that we are about to visit and the photographic techniques that we will be employing.

Then we board the vehicle (usually a Toyota Innova) and travel to the first bridge where we have time to snap the sunset, bike trails and the views under the bridge.We then jump back aboard the transport and head over to the second bridge where we get our stunning shots of the genius of metalwork’s masterpiece!

Our models will be on hand to give you something to focus on apart from the bridge itself.An hour at each bridge brings us back to basecamp around 10.00pm where our transport will whisk you back to your hotel.


You will need:

A DSLR camera

A Tripod

Note: A non-DSLR is OK, but best results are achieved with full manual control.


Please have full knowledge of how to set your camera’s shutter speed, aperture and ISO.


The cost of this tour is $67 (USD)

Contact us now for the next available tour.

Personal tours can be arranged at a cost of $157