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Take a look through the amazing adventures we have designed so you can get the best photography experiences in Vietnam

The Bridges of Ho Chi Minh City

This tour takes us on an evening tour of two of the photographically most interesting bridges that cross the Saigon river. Including one built by Gustav Eiffel himself! Includes an opportunity for a stunning Ho Chi Minh City night time skyline shot!

Temple Tantrum
A trip to three exceptional examples and photographer friendly Buddhist temples. One in a Vietnamese style, one Chinese and one on an island all of it’s own!

The Streets of Chinatown
Getting right into the action of Ho Chi Minh City’s Chinese area, where fascinating backstreets mingle with ancient architecture and people going about their daily business.

Ho Chi Minh Highlights
You’ve seen these photos in all the tour guides and brochures, the famous landmarks of Saigon, but we show you how to take great photos of them, without all the tourists in the way!

Giang Dien Waterfalls
Only about an hour from Ho Chi Minh City are the fabulous waterfalls of Giang Dien. A wonderful opportunity to practice the aret of rapid water long exposure, for some truly unforgettable shots!

DSLR For Beginners
We are switching to manual mode and showing you just what all those knobs, buttons and settings are for! Assisted by our lovely models in our stunning poolside location, you will become intimately familiar with how to use your camera for creative photography.

The Art Of Composition
Open to DSLR and smaller camera users alike, we show you how to correctly compose a photo using the major rules of composition, to get a great shot every time.

Shooting Bikes
You may have noticed that Saigon has a few motorbikes. We go out on the streets and take some great panning and “blurry” shots.

Studio Lighting
We use a home studio, 3 light setup, which you can reproduce for only a few hundred USD and show you exactly how to use all those lights to get world class results for food, prodcut and model photography

Off Camera Flash
Learn how to use single and double flash guns, on camera and off camera. Our lovely models will be assisting us to show you exactly what equipment you need and how to use it to get the perfect shot every time.

Body Sculpture
In the studio with our brave models, we cover them with oil and water, shine lights on them and end up with some awesome shots that you will be proud to show off to your friends.

The Water Drop
You’ve seen it a million times. The shot of a water droplet splashing down into a pool of water. There are a few tricks necessary to get this spot on, this is your chance te learn exactly what they are.

Fire and Water
They say fire and water don’t mix. They do in this exciting evening photography tutorial, where we will be taking shots of light painting using flaming balls of wire wool as the source. We may even throw in a few lasers for good measure!

Long Exposure

We use ND10 filters to take some amazing long exposure shots at iconic landmarks around the city. Usually never seen without crowds of tourists, we show you how to capture these images and REMOVE the tourists, using long exposure techniques. Plus we show you how to use this technique to make clouds to cool stuff!